Together with Fantastic Frank Frankfurt, we envisioned Villa Reichenbach.

The villa will be built on a park-like plot of up to 13,784 m2 in and extremely exposed and absolutely quiet plot in Königstein- Falkenstein. Through a private road the idyllic property can be reached. With its south exposure it is located in one of the best micro locations of the Taunus -the Reichenbachweg.

The position and orientation of the villa were carefully articulated in a sitespecific manner. The villa’s volume maximizes its potential: an efficient volume that closes and open according to different needs. The main entrance façade is Northwest oriented, with a closed character which protects its privacy from th adjacent access street views through a series of interwoven wooden lamellas and closed view-concrete walls, resembling the feeling of walking into a forest wood.

The architecture of the lateral walls is harmoniously resolved through a series of green terraces/ balconies that create a natural filter between the intimate inside of the house and the exterior. Finally, the South-east façade opens completely to the excellent orientation besides to the outstanding vistas towards the Taunus landscape.

The landscape is inside the house and organizes all the spaces around it. An integrated symbiosis is created between nature and architecture. The patio allows to bring natural light, ventilation to each ones of the villa rooms.

Living within nature.


Königstein-Falkenstein, Germany
650 sqm
Project Team
L. Etchegorry, F. Brammer